Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Clients Buildings

Angela Merkel's building also consists of a meeting room where she can discuss matters with other politicians, an office where employees can work and a space for herself.

I have added a podium at the top of the building where she can address reporters or other politicians on political matters, there is a lift that allows her to travel from the bridge to the top of the building.

Mirander Kerr's building consists of 3 spaces, a space where she can relax and clear her mind before heading onto the runway, the space where she prepares for the fashion show and the walk in wardrobe where all the clothes and shoes are kept.

The walk-in-wardrobe is located under the runway, there is a lift that rises from the wardrobe to the runway above.

Mirander Kerr building incorporates a catwalk runway for her and her clients, as she is a fashion model and the face of David Jones and she is one of the Victoria Secrets angel.

Google Warehouse



Elevator Keys

Merkel Podium Lift - N key
(the lift returns to its position after 2 seconds)

Lift to Lower levels - L key
From Lower level to upper level - Q key

Lower Bridge - B key
(table would come out when the bridge stops moving)
Raise Bridge - P key

Lift for Catwalk (Kerr Building) - T key

File Front



Real Time Images

Monday, June 14, 2010

Crysis Landscape Updated

Voxel objects had to be used to give the cliff a more bump to it, as the textures provided by crysis didnt have the bump effect.